Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thursday 5/14 & Saturday 5/16

Sorry I haven't post the last few days but was out of town. You can always count on someone to be at the Washington Park shelter at 5:30 on Tues. and Thurs. and we usually run a 4-5 miles. This Thurs. will be no different. The following route is 4.1 miles and it shows to start at the tennis courts but we will meet at the shelter.


The Old State Capitol Art Fair is downtown this weekend so lets start again at Panera West for our Saturday run. This is an old route but should be new for some of you. We leave from Panera and run through Panther Creek. I will put a cooler out with water at Cockrell Ln and Mathers so there will be water at mile 2 and 5. Is 7:30 a good time for everyone?


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday 5/5 & Thursday 5/7

We will continue to meet at 5:30 at the Washington Park Shelter. We will decide how far and/or training runs when we all get there.

See you at the Park.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday 4/28 - Thursday 4/30

This coming weekend with some of you running Indy and others the Lake run we will take it easy and not do hills and speed training. Both Tues. and Thurs. we will meet at the Park shelter at 5:30 and run 4-4.5 miles each night. Tuesday we will run to the YMCA and back and Thurs. we will run to the Fit Club and back.

See you at the Park.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday 4/25

Lets try a different starting location on Sat. and start at 7:30 from Panera West. I'm training for another half on May 9th so I will be running 10+ on Saturday. By the comments it looks like some of you would like to run 8 so I am posting two routes. Both routes will run together for the first 4 and then we will split at the Fit Club.

Here is the 8 mile route:


Now the 10:


This route shows 11.48 miles. If you just want to run 10 miles then at Washington Park instead of running the whole park loop turn at the clubhouse hill and follow the route back to Panera.

See you Saturday and don't forget to hang around after your run for coffee and bagels.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thurs. 4/23

Lets do a 4 miler today. We will start at the shelter and run to SHG and complete one lap on their track. If the student are using the track we will turn around in the parking lot and run back.


See you Thursday!!

P.S .
For this Sat. is there a preference in running from Panera West or Cafe Moxo? I'm thinking about a 10 miler. Let me know and I will post a route.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesday 4/21

We will meet at the Washington Park Shelter at 5:30 and do a hill workout. We haven't ran the hills for awhile and I know everyone are missing them. We will run east to the gazebo and go down that hill and then head to Feldkamp. We will group at Feldkamp and run up 7 times. The goal is to sprint up the hill and jog down then take a 60-90 second break and then sprint back up. We will finish with a cool down run back to the shelter.

Sounds Fun!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Group Runs Continue

For all those who want to continue the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday runs we will start back up tomorrow. This week we won't do any hill or speed workouts but just 4 to 5 mile runs on both days. If I'm not there someone from the group take charge and say go. We will continue to start at 5:30 from the shelter at the park. Four+ mile courses are from the shelter to the YMCA and back or from the shelter to the Fit Club and back. Our Saturday long runs will start from either Cafe Moxo or Panera Bread West and I will post the route.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ready to Enlist?

Abe's Army registration is open!

Abe's Army, a 12 week training program for experienced and beginning runners, walkers, and race walkers, meets each Monday evening beginning June 1st. The program is geared towards training participants for Abe's Amble, Springfield's premier 10K road race which is held on the final day of the Illinois State Fair.

For more information on how to register for this program, visit the Abe's Army blog, or check out the SRRC website. Now that you've completed the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon - consider being a Sergeant and encouraging and motivating others on the road!

Online registration is quick, secure, and we pay the transaction fees! Get immediate confirmation of your registration.

Questions? Check out the Abe's Army blog or email Mary at SRRCMembership@gmail.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday 4/2----Meet at Prairie Heart Institute

On Thursday, 4/2, 5:30 pm we will meet at Prairie Heart Institute, 619 E. Mason Street for our last run before race day.

If you would like to stick around after the run, we will be stuffing LM race packets inside PHI on Thursday evening starting at 6:00 pm.

Even if you don't join us for the run, please come out to help us stuff packets. We have several hundred registrants as of Monday, so we have a lot of packets to stuff!!!

So please join us either way. It will be fun! Our run will have us going to Lincoln Park and back...taking in some of the LM course.

Please leave a post if you plan to help stuff or call Barb at 341-7782.

Click here for the map.

Tuesday 3/31

Just a few days until the Half so we will do the Art run course on Tuesday which is a 5K. If you want to add a couple more miles turn left when you enter the park at the end of the 5K and run a park loop back to the shelter.

See you at the park 5:30 Tuesday.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Route for Saturday 3/28

We cut back to 7 miles on Saturday...our last Half Wits long run before the Half Marathon!

We will do a familiar route which takes us through much of the first half of the course...to get you geared up for next week!

SRRC Membership

Have you renewed your SRRC membership for 2009? Membership benefits include eligibility for the SRRC points series and if you are running the Lincoln Memorial Half MArathon - you must be a members by that day in order to earn points. For more information on membership benefits, points series eligibility, or to renew your membership, check the SRRC website . Remember - all memberships expire the 31st of December each year - if you're not sure if you've renewed - shoot me an email .

Good luck to all of you - and congratulations of all your hard work during Half Wits this winter!