Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday 4/2----Meet at Prairie Heart Institute

On Thursday, 4/2, 5:30 pm we will meet at Prairie Heart Institute, 619 E. Mason Street for our last run before race day.

If you would like to stick around after the run, we will be stuffing LM race packets inside PHI on Thursday evening starting at 6:00 pm.

Even if you don't join us for the run, please come out to help us stuff packets. We have several hundred registrants as of Monday, so we have a lot of packets to stuff!!!

So please join us either way. It will be fun! Our run will have us going to Lincoln Park and back...taking in some of the LM course.

Please leave a post if you plan to help stuff or call Barb at 341-7782.

Click here for the map.


Alison said...

I plan to join for the run and stuffing packets afterwards...

Dwayne said...

Thanks to all the HalfWits and everyone else for helping this evening. The 45th running of the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon looks to be the biggest and best as it should being the Lincoln Bicentennial. Thanks again it takes a lot of volunteer & community support to put on a race like this and we appreciate your support. Good luck to all running.

Anonymous said...

thanks Dwayne for all you do!!!

Anonymous said...

HELP! I need someone to pick up my packet for the Illinois Marathon in Champaign next Saturday. I will not be able to arrive in C/U until LATE Friday or EARLY Saturday and I am not able to find that they offer a race day pickup. If someone can assist me I would appreciate it! Call me at 698-1234 if you can. THANKS!