Friday, April 03, 2009

Ready to Enlist?

Abe's Army registration is open!

Abe's Army, a 12 week training program for experienced and beginning runners, walkers, and race walkers, meets each Monday evening beginning June 1st. The program is geared towards training participants for Abe's Amble, Springfield's premier 10K road race which is held on the final day of the Illinois State Fair.

For more information on how to register for this program, visit the Abe's Army blog, or check out the SRRC website. Now that you've completed the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon - consider being a Sergeant and encouraging and motivating others on the road!

Online registration is quick, secure, and we pay the transaction fees! Get immediate confirmation of your registration.

Questions? Check out the Abe's Army blog or email Mary at


Anonymous said...

just curious if there is going to be an organized run this sat with the halfwits group or if we are on our own since the LM is over?

Anonymous said...

gina..good run in the half. i died at the end. cg