Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thurs. 4/23

Lets do a 4 miler today. We will start at the shelter and run to SHG and complete one lap on their track. If the student are using the track we will turn around in the parking lot and run back.


See you Thursday!!

P.S .
For this Sat. is there a preference in running from Panera West or Cafe Moxo? I'm thinking about a 10 miler. Let me know and I will post a route.


Anonymous said...

I may be up for running saturday.Is anyone interested in doing a shorter run? I've just recovered from the flu... and need to take it slow.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for a shorter run say 7-8 from moxo or panera either one is good!!

Anonymous said...

Saturday is good for me. Anything 8 to 10 miler sounds good. I like moxo, but panera is ok also. I like a 7:30 start time, but can make 7:00 if that is the concensus.

DP said...

I am interested in a 6-8 mile run. Let me know a starting location. What pace are you running? DP

Anne B said...

Russ, how about Cafe Moxo as a starting location?