Friday, June 08, 2007

Saturday's Run

The marathon crew kicks off their training this Saturday (6/9). Feel free to join them for a 10-miler. They will be leaving the west-side Panera at 6:30 a.m.


Steph said...

If my husband and I can get ourselves moving by 6:30, we'll be there. The training plan we've adopted (called FIRST and profiled in last month's Runner's World--see calls for 8 miles this weekend, so I think we'll just leave off the out-and-back leg to Bunn Golf Course. That'll give us (ME) time to catch up with everyone else, as I'm running something like 9:30-9:45!

I've finally broken my iPod dependency (it was kind of like Dumbo discovering he could fly without his feather), so I'm looking forward to actually interacting with other human beings.

Jeremy said...

I'll be there, but I'll be even slower than Steph. I'll be going in the 10:30-11 or so range.

Jennifer said...

I am in. See you in the morning.


Anonymous said...


Kim N

Anonymous said...

I did the FIRST program too while training for my first marathon. My only advice is to make sure you do some strengthening exercises on you cross training days. I biked my my x-train days and about halfway through my marathon I wished I'd done more core work as my back started to hurt pretty bad.

Also, start your long runs slow and then try to be at your long run pace the last half of your run. The pace is fast enough that you want to work into it slowly instead of hitting it from the start.

Chuck B. said...

I am going to try and see if I can make most of the distance.

BTW, its my b-day weekend and you all can buy me a breakfast bagel when you are finished!

Even though my official day is the 11th, I proclaim it my weekend by default :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Steve. The SRRC page says the 10 miler is @ IDOT, & this page says Panera. Are there TWO groups??

Mildly considering the biathlon. Anyone ever done one? I have marathon next weekend and don't want to empty the tank too much. 'Spose I could just coast....

Tim said...

Yes, it is my understanding there are two groups. I think Jim Cinotto is doing the IDOT trail.

I am doing the NO marathon training plan!

Steph said...

Thanks so much for the FIRST advice, anonymous (is it Kim N.?). I'm doing weights on 2 of my x-train days and swimming on the 3rd, so I'm glad to know you think weight training would've been good. My first long run at the FIRST pace is tomorrow, so I'm also glad to have the advice on keeping it slower during the first half.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but not me. I lost my sign in name months ago so I just sign my name. I did do weights the first time around. I recently read that if you do weights on x-cross day, don't do too intense. It is meant to be a recovery day. Heavy lifting can lead to muscle soreness and can take away from your run the next day. Lifting is def. needed but save some energy for the long runs. I do upper body, core and do a ball excersice for hamstrings along with leg curls and presses. Seems to help. Look forward to running with ya tomorrow.

Kim N.

Aaron said...

Sorry, I usually sign my name when I forget to sign in at all.

I do the Core Secrets workout with Gunnar Peterson on my cross train days. It isn't too intense but I haven't been hurt since I incorporated it last year.

Good luck on your training.

Anonymous said...

Mary and I are doing the Bi. Uh Biathlon that is... Hope to see ya Steve!!! :) If not good luck next week to you and Tim Mu at Grandmas. I am more than sure you both will do very very well!!! Full report when yas get back! :):):)

-Em :)

Anonymous said...

PS: Steve, You coast? To what a 5 min. pace?

-Em :)

Jogger said...

there will be 4 SRRC members running Grandma's in Duluth. 4 different paces from fast to slow runners; a good cross section of people in the club.

Chuck B. said...

To: Saturday Morning Runners at Panera,

I enjoyed the run this morning with all of you. What a great way to start my b-day weekend. Its been awhile since I have done 8 miles and I felt great afterwards.

Marie, and Steve...Thanks for pacing back with me.

Pam...thanks for the b-day bagel. It was yummy.

To top off the morning, I had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. Nice combo eh? Pam, you like that?

Anonymous said...

Great job runners! What a sweet morn. to quick off our official long run. Thanks Pam for organizing the route. I nominate you to be our official training leader! You rock. Great to see Stephen back. You ARE def. running Chicago! The group WON'T let you quit! I kept putting off reg. for St. Louis marathon up until a few weeks before race. I drove Emily nutts. I was so glad I ran it. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome. So there you have it - your in! I will be in Michigan for next week's run. Will have to get the 11 up there. Thank goodness for Garmins!

Thanks all for showing up and running with the group.

Kim N.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of the SRRC at the Biathlon yesterday!! Bill W. and Bob T. did an awesome job with the race!!!

Thank you especially to all of the SRRC people that volunteered to help. I was dying on my 5K... Sprints kill me, but your cheers kept me going!!!

I wasn't as studly as most of yas, but thank god I did the relay. I had an awesome partner that had the harley davidson's of all bikes!!! Who'd a known I'd got asked to be teamed up with an "olympic" biker!! Thank God for him as my legs felt sooooo heavy!!(I did the so to speak Pam methond before my race except I had hotdogs and fries for supper the night before!!!) :):):)

Regardless, it was sooooo nice to have you cheer us throughout the whole way!!! This club is so awesome!!! This was a FUN race. I will definitely do it again next year and will be doing the Ironman this summer!!!! :)

-Em :)

Mary L. Rogers said...

Echoing Em's sentiments: nice to see all the SRRC runners on the course at water stops (important) and stopping cars (really important). It was really motivating for me - every time I heard one of you, I thought, yeah: that's the group!

The race was amazing - the weather couldn't have been better. My kids teamed up and had a blast, and were there at the end when I zoomed over the finish line - surprising enough, I got a PR in my 5K and learned that going up hills on the bike is so much more fun, because the downhill totally rocked!

Next time you see Carl Benton - ask him just exactly how much he likes bike riding!

Now I gotta figure out how to get in my 8 miles.....

Anne B said...

I have to add my .02 and say that the SRRC volunteers at the biathlon should get some kind of spirit award. It was so great to see all those familiar faces out on the course cheering us on...oh, and Jan Wilson planted herself right in the middle of the road to mark the turnaround point for the bike course. Jan WAS the turnaround! She gets the medal for bravery!!!!!

I have an awesome pic of Em about to blow past one of those Team Mack guys on the 5k, if someone wants to post it on the blog, I'll email it to them!

Tim said...


e-mail the pic to me. I can post it.

Congrats to all the biathlon folks. It was great to see all the Half Wits out there...and it was great to be done with volunteer duties by 8:15 am!

Emily K said...

Is anyone going to do Steamboat this weekend in Peoria to run either the 4 mile or 9 miler? If so, are you going there Friday spending the night or just driving up Saturday morning?

Joy Joy said...

Em-I heard about you and your cycling buddy! Leah H. (she's a PT here in Springfield) said you guys looked great. Good job!

About Steamboat, I am driving up Sat. morning but I am driving to Mendota (my hometown) after the race. Mendota has a 5K on Sunday and I run it every year. I guess this year I might walk it if I have a good race in Peoria (:

If anyone is spending the night let me know - I might crash on the floor & chip in on the room.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. Em I won't be making it to Peoria this year. I am still in Chicago for work and I have a lot of catch up at home. Kick some B girl! You should have an awesome time!

I was running along the Lake front this morning(early)and as I was heading North I saw a fellow Springfield, IL runner(Bob L.) running south...we hooked up and ran together! Talk about a small world!! I didn't even know he was in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Tim Mu~ I wish I was going to Peoria but changed my mind last night after Pamela, aka Marathon Commissioner :) made me feel bad about missing another long run. It's all good though~~ I missed my 15 miler last weekend since I did the Biathlon. Can't afford to miss another one over a 4 miler.

Any hoo, it's good for Joy Guardia... no pressure on her now!! I'll let her win this one! LOL! :):)So actually Joy, Tim, (can't forget the beloved one)Wendy :) and Mary and whomever else is going will have to kick some ass! GO SRRC!!

Grandmas is next week right? All of you will do awesome!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily, you can run the 9 miler, that would be a nice distance for you. Don't let me stop you from running Steamboat. I just always say, the more the merrier on the Panera long runs. Everyone is welcome. Run part or whole, it doesn't matter. Run fast or slow we don't care, we really enjoy the company.

What kind of training plan are you running that has a 15 miler 19 weeks out? Yikes, you'll be running 30 mile long runs by the time the marathon gets here. Emily, the lean, mean, fighting machine! Go Em!

Pamela :)

Anonymous said...

Nah, I think I will stay home and run with yas... plus the more you talked last night, Brent (my hubby) was thinking, "keep talking Pam" because then he would not have to pay for the race and GAS!!Oh and let's not forget he'd be the stay home dad taking all of the kids to their baseball games by himself! HA! :)
After collapsing into Steve Perbix' and Steve Jones' arms at the finish line this past April in St. Louis, Steve Perbix told me about the Jeff Galloway run/walk training program. Steve P. had used this method and had given me some awesome advise. He also had sent me this great book by Jeff Galloway. It's an interesting book!!!!! Steve had said he has done this training program and well~~~ for all that knows Steve Perbix, he has qualified for Boston how many times?????? So that is what I am doing~~~ the Jeff Galloway walk/run training program.

It seems to really work! Two weeks ago Penny Warden, Marie V and I ran 13 and did the walk/run method. The three of us felt AWESOME after we finished!!!! It was almost like we never even ran 13!!! :):):)

Any hoo, I am doing the Lewis and Clark Marathon in September, not Chicago. Penny Warden and I had started our training in mid May. Remember that Saturday when you, Debi M, Penny and I ran that 10 together? Well that was our first long run. :)

Oh and me the lean mean fighting machine? Remember how I was saying last night that YOU'RE the solid one?!?!?!?!?! :):):) And plus I can't do the tombstone/beer combo and still do well on runs like you... I'll just have the~~~ well~~~ you get the picture! I know~ I know~ TMI!!!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

So what is in store for this Saturday? 12 mi? What route, Ms. Marathon Commissioner? I'm looking forward to joining you this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Here is the route that Pam and I came up with and it is a little over 11 miles. If you want to go a shorter route around 9 miles all you need to do is cut off the Washington Park loop. See everyone 6:30 at Panera. Chuck that is am not pm.


Anonymous said...

This is the marathon commissioner speaking, bring your fuelbelts on Sat. it's going to be one hot mama outside. Unless I was dreaming, I think the weather person said it was going to be 94 degrees. Not to run anyone off or anything, I just wanted to make sure everyone brought plenty of fluid because we still don't have the water jugs. The plan has three places where we can get water but just in case you need extra, bring it.

Emily, I'm sorry, I thought you were running Chicago and you were doing the Hal Higdon plan. I was wondering why you were on the 6th week already. Just thought you were over excited about the long runs, lol. The plan you are doing sounds great. Steve O'Connor did it for one of his marathons and he said it worked great. I think he made his best time doing the walk/run training.

Chuck, where on earth did you get chocolate chip pancakes from? Yummy, that chocolate nut bagel looked good also, I'm going to have to try that on Sat.

Scott, good to hear from you, you can be our bunny. See, you have graduated up from the dog, lol.

Good luck to the Steamboat and grandpa marathon people, or is the grandma marathon? Hope to see you guys next week. See everyone else at 6:30 a.m. Sat. morning at Panera.


Jeremy said...

I don't think I'll be making it. My son has a Tae Kwon Do belt test at 9:30 am and I'm alone with him this weekend. I'll have to figure out when I'm getting my 9 in.

Anonymous said...

Okay Jeremy, we'll see ya next week for the 12 miler. Hopefully, you'll be able to squeeze in the 9 somewhere.

Deb, you were looking good out there today. Nice posture and all, you looked like an elite. It was hot today.

Anonymous said...

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