Thursday, June 21, 2007

Saturday run for marathon group

Thanks to Russ for this info...

For the Sat. morning group and anyone else who would like to join us after your Scholastic Challenge 5k, Pam and I are going to run an additional 9 miles. Our plan is to run the 5k course and then take a short break and run 9 more.

Here is the link to the course:

We will be running on West Lake Shore and it does not have much of a shoulder so we need to be careful and alert. This would not be a good course to run with music.


Anonymous said...

Guys, I've changed my mind. Since I'm not running the race, I'm just going to run at 6:30 a.m. and get it over with. I think Russ is going to still do the nine he planned. It's also going to be hot and humid and I don't want to wait until 8:30 to run 12 miles. I'm sorry guys but the cool morning weather beats running in the heat. See everyone next Sat. for our 13 miler from Panera.


Anonymous said...

Goldman race was a good one, fast and nice and cool that early in the day by the lake. What was cute was the kids sprinting for awhile, walking for awhile, sprinting etc.It was obvious nobody had taught them anyrhing about keeping a steady pace. Love that pizza at the end; I could have grazed all day.

Anonymous said...

You are brave to eat pizza after a 5K!

barry said...

How brave do you have to be to eat pizza after a 5k? It wasn't bad, and they had a lot of it--even after I grabbed 2 for myself!

There were some VERY fast times Saturday. I myself finished under 26:30, which was my goal. Any other Half Wits care to share their Scholastic stories? You were pretty happy after the race!

Jen said...

Race entry form...$20.00
New race shirt...$36.00
Batteries for Ipod...$6.99
Watching Barry eat pizza at 8:30 am after a hard 5K....priceless!

(I wish to GOD I had my camera!)

Barry, don't ever change, babe!
BTW, did you get a PR yesterday???

barry said...


Nah, I've eaten a LOT more pizza than that . . .

Jen said...


Anonymous said...

some of Springfirld's fastest runners live on a diet of pizza and Dairy Queen; gives you that extra energy in the last 200 yards;besides it tastes a lot better than green vegetables

Anonymous said...

Kim N.

Great to see all Sat. morn. Congrats Jen. Wag. for first place for your age div.!! Chuck you did awesome with your last mile of 7+! Your back - watch out, Stephen, I need to pace myself with you! Yeah, I really don't get this race thing. My body was in long distance mode. Saving fuel for the end - oh yeah, did I forget it was only 3.1 OOOPs. Oh well, it was fun.

Tim, Stephen, glad your in for our team tent! I think I have the last spot filled so we will coordinate monies with Russ. It will be a great time as long as Pam doesn't hog the massage therapist! Just kidding Pam.

We are doing 13 next Sat. morn. Plan on meeting at Panera. Our route planner will post the course.

See ya all Sat. :)

Chuck B. said...

Yes, I was happy with my result considering I havnt ran a sprint race for almost 8 months. It wasnt a PR by any means but it was fun to get out there again. The only thing I was disappointed was there wasnt any door prizes after the race. Whats up with that? But I guess my prize is that have the distinct honor as the Fastest Filipino in the World ON my block.

I think next year we have a post race pizza eating contest!

barry said...

Chuck, I was doing my part but I couldn't find you!

stephen said...

Kim, I can't believe you finished behind me. You can always leave me in the dust on training runs. Yeah, next time let me pace you for a mile and then you can zoom away.