Monday, May 07, 2007

How was Indy?

So, let's hear your stories from the Indy Mini...


Kevin M said...

Humid, humid, humid. I am glad that I experienced this race at least once in my life. My wife bailed at the last minute, so I went by myself. The first 4-miles were fun. I had a slower than usual pace going, but that was okay since I wanted to enjoy the surroundings. I stopped more frequently for water due to the conditions. It was neat to go on the Indy track, but it was too long and boring. A mile or so would have been better for me. I enjoy the neighborhood running much more. I do have to agree that running over the bricks was cool. I was afraid if I stopped, I would not get going again. At mile 10, I was off pace so I picked it up. BIG mistake. Mile 10 was fast for me, but 11 through the end was a struggle. With 100 yards to go, a guy collapsed in front of me. Me and another guy helped him up and vowed to help him across the finish line. With 50 yards to go, some runners who had already finished jumped over the barriers and told us to go finish and that they would help this guy. It was a little scary, but the paramedics were dispatched soon after we finished and told them. The post race party was HUGE and fun. I found a few friends and enjoyed re-living the race. The scary thing is that my time was exactly the same as the Lincoln half. Now that's wierd. see ya out there.

Jennifer said...

Okay did Kevin say HUMID HUMID!!! Wow, I drank more during that race than I do in a day. I did struggle with the humidity and my time was slower than I had hoped, but I finished and I am glad it is done. I ran the race with my husband, who tore his hamstring two weeks ago. We finished with together. Lots of people! A great Springfield showing. Great experience and I glad it is in the past.


Anonymous said...

OK, I am soooooo glad to hear that it was not just me who thought the weather was humid. Last year was much cooler and better times for most. My shorts were soaked halfway through and I was having trouble breathing pretty much the entire race. So it sounds like the weather slowed alot of us down. I forgot how nice winter running is!!!! Next time I complain how cold it is I will think how humid it can get.

Best time of trip was the next day having mexican and maragaritas! Made the trip all worth it.

Kim N.

Anonymous said...

PS. We did see Bill Rogers jogging as we entered Indy on Friday. At first we thought it was a look alike until we got closer. You can spot that hair a mile away!


Anonymous said...

Whew, I thought I was crazy thinking the humidity was bad. I'm glad you guys thought so too! I didn't hydrate properly and got a muscle cramp in my calf that forced me to walk the last 4 miles! Totally had to bag my goal time. I had trouble with breathing and dizziness early on that didn't register as related to the humidity til I got the cramp. Oh well, there will always be another race. I'd go back to Indy in a second. It was a great race and the amenities were awesome, too! At the pasta dinner, I stalked Frank Shorter and got him to autograph one of his 1970's trading cards I dug up from the basement! Claddagh's food and atmosphere was amazing! We hit two breweries and tried some pretty unique beer. Got to place a bet at the OTB for the Derby, and did the Pancake breakfast and scored some souveniers for the kids at the gift shop. Our room at the Westin had a spectacular view of the Capitol bldg and the corrals were right in front of the hotel! The city was pretty clean and the architecture was something to see. Yup, even though I had to throw out my goal time, I had an experience to remember. Can't wait for brightroom to post the pictures. Hey did anyone else get shooed away at the picture stands in the runners services area? We were standing in line and they pushed everyone out I think cuz it got too crowded or something.

Jenni G.

Mrs. Wendy B said...

The Claddagh!? That was the site of last year's incident. And the real reason why Tim and I didn't go back to Indy this year. I think us, Sanya and my brother's friends are still banned from there.

My sister-in-law ran it and had a tough time too. She didn't say anything about the humidity but she had a tough last few miles and barfed afterward. So that's probably what it was. Definitely not the same conditions as STL.

There was a good number of Spfld folks in Blmgton on Saturday too. It was a little humid there too but with a nice breeze and some cloud cover. Plus it was only 7.44 miles - not a 1/2!

Congrats to all. Looks like the weather didn't hurt the Markers' times!

Anyone up for the 14-er this Saturday? It's our last long run before Madison.

debi m said...

Yes, indeed it was humid. I think I drank at every stop available. Yikes. Can we say water logged. However, the Markers were both able to each achieve a PR this weekend. That felt pretty good. Saw many Spfld friends in Indy this weekend. Awesome effort everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Indy was a great time! Yes, it was very humid but I managed to come in faster than I did in the LM so I was very pleased! The track was cool, (or at least the first mile was).. change of scenery please!!! I did stop to kiss the bricks which we almost missed because we were too busy waving to the camera guy up above! Hope he didn't get a picture of it because I was facing AWAY from the camera, know what I mean?? ha
The after party was a lot of fun! Sitting in the grass relaxing while the husbands brought us beer is my to spend an afternoon!! The Team challenge tent was great and definitely the way to go.
Indy was a great time and I know we'll be back!
Kari F.

Emily K said...

I want what Debi Marker and Joy Guardia are having... :):):)

Mary L. Rogers said...

It was a great weekend all in all (especially Bucca Di Beppa, TJ Maxx, Claddagh, and Ike and Joneseys and oh, yeah, running, too!). The humidity was tough - but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, except the entire course smelled like SWEAT and there was a couple making out in our corral before the race - like GET A ROOM!).

I felt great at mile 8, but between mile 10 and 11 I swear it felt like five miles!) and I was ready to throw in the towel at the sign that said 3/4 mile to go. I took five minutes off of last year's time and 13 minutes of this year's LM time. I ran the entire race water-logged 'cause I poured water over my head at most of the water stops!

Hey - Jenni G - we should have met up - we went to the race track on Sunday, too! 91 Corvettes in one place is really cool to see, even though the pancakes sucked!

Thanks to everyone for making this a great weekend - especially my roomies (linda, connie, helen, nancy, trisha, cara....). You guys made this weekend so much more than just a lap around the track!

Looking forward to another 1/2 soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.. forgot to mention the awesome food in Indy!!
Went to Iaria's Italian Restaurant
Friday night.. excellent! It was worth it even tho we all had trouble getting there! My husband and I walked and took a wrong turn, a couple of the other girls had the 'cab ride from hell' because the guy didn't quite know where it was (and it was only 1 mile from downtown!!) and ended up backing up for blocks to try and find it.. that's when they said 'LET US OUT!!'
Saturday we hit Ram's Micro Brewery then on to P.F. Chang's which was awesome. Very flavorful and they give you so much we were all able to sample each others..
Still on a high from the fun we all had and thanks to 'the girls' (and Jon!)... it wouldn't have been the same without you!
Kari F.

Joy Guardia said...

Indy was fun, and very entertaining. There was a band every 1/2 block and even toward the end they seemed to get louder. It was nice to have the music to keep us going. I was able to hydrate well the night before and the morning of the race so the humidity didn't seem to get me too bad until the last 1/2 mile. I must have drained everything from my body b/c I couldn't pick it up at all. Overall I was able to keep pace with the help of young man that ran my pace. He was able to break 1:30 but I just missed it by a minute and 20 seconds or so. I was a little upset that I didn't break 1:30 and re-played the end of the race in my head. I came to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do about it and I know I gave it my all. I am thankful I PR'ed by about one minute and twenty seconds! God has always showed me to be thankful in the good things and to not be overcome with the frustrations of running. I learned about 10 years ago that running is a gift and something to draw us closer to Him as we grow and learn in this life.

Good job to everyone who ran! I am so proud of those of you who had never ran that far in a race. It is a great feeling to have that accomplishment under your belt.

Anonymous said...

Indy was awesome! This was only the second time I had done the Mini, but I absolutely love the race. The people are so nice there, everything is so well organized, and the cloggers were exactly where I expected to see them on the course. Some bands were good, some were motivation to run faster, but the cloggers are by far my favotite entertainment. I found the track to be the hardest part because I think the winding of the streets and the weaving in and out of people pass the time more quickly than the big loop. Fortunately I picked up a very attractive young man around mile 6.5 and ran with him for about 4 miles. Around 10.5 or 11, my guy had to drop back because I was going to fast for him (that has never ever happened before! usually I'm the slow one). Long story short, I was beyond thrilled with my time (PR by roughly 2 minutes, and beyond thrilled that my sister and I learned not to jump in the hotel hot tub right after the race (rookie mistake from last year). Overall GREAT weekend!!

patty schaefer, 25

Anonymous said...

Yes.......humid (but nothing like 2004, that was horrible). Not enough training and no way near my PR but just glad I did some time away with the hubby and got through the "mental" hurdle of running this length again after having twins 17 months ago!

Chuck B. said...

Hi all,
Kari F, sent this to me. I thought it was pretty cool.

It gives you a perspective of the Indy track.

Copy and paste this to your browser:

Anne B said...

Wow, that's pretty impressive. No wonder everyone is always so glad to get off that track!

Anonymous said...

Hey, is anyone going to be at Panera at 7:30 to run? Or is everyone tired from Indy? What is the plan? I'm showing up so we need to get a plan.

Pamela Enno

Tim said...


Plan coming shortly! Check your e-mail tonight.

Anonymous said...

unning down the front stretch at Indy there was a group of four or five guys standing behind the pit wall and one of them was Al Unser Jr.(better known as Little Al). For a huge race fan like me that and not getting leg cramps and being able to finish the last half mile flatout were my high lites at Indy. Tim M

Joy said...

I forget to say that I saw Bill Rogers on Washington while I was on my way back to take a shower at the Mariott. I said hi & told him I was from Springfield and saw him at the Monster Mash. He laughed and said he had a good time there.