Thursday, May 10, 2007

Route for Saturday 5/12

OK...this is our last long run of the spring before those of us running Madison taper back for that race in two weeks.

This route is 13.5 miles, but those who want to run shorter can turn around at Fit Club West or at Washington Park. The total route takes us to the YMCA and back.

Also, since it is getting light much earlier, we are planning to start this run at 6:30 am on Saturday (from Panera). If you don't want to start that early, we'll leave the water and gatorade out.

See ya Saturday!

Here's the route...


Jennifer said...

I will run at 6:30. I plan to run 6-7. I have an 8:00 soccer game. See you in the morning.

Jeremy said...

I'll be there at 6:30 too, but I think I'll run a slightly different route. I'm going to do somewhere between 8-10 and will cut across Rt 4 to head down Old Jacksonville rd to Washington Park. I don't want to do the whole 13 but I want to get into Washington Park.

Anonymous said...

Pam here is a plan for Sat. morning, actually it starts on Fri. night. Drink some beer, eat a whole Thombstone pizza then be at Panera at 6;30am, run 13.5 miles(or in my case 18 miles cause of marathon in 5 weeks). If this plan works well I'll try it next week; if I can get 8;00am haircut cancelled. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's exactly what I did last night but I didn't make it out of bed until 9:30 a.m.! I was thinking about you guys. I drank too many beers and came home and ate a whole tombstone, popcorn and two poptarts! I think I'm going to have to run my 10 on Sunday. Had too much fun last night and just couldn't run this morning.

My Chicago training doesn't start until June so I will need to start cutting back to 3/4 a Tombstone, half bag popcorn and one poptart before I go to bed, lol. I also will need to remember to change my fun nights to Saturday nights instead of Friday nights.

Hope you guys had a good run, it was probably a great morning to run. I wouldn't know though because it was pretty warm when I woke up.


Emily K said...

So well said, "Pam the Dietician"!!! ;) If that diet plan is all what it takes to clone your marathon time of less than 4 hours, then I will do what you are doing when I start my next marathon training this upcoming week for St. Charles! :):):)

Thank you Tim for keeping the water and gatorade out longing at Wash Park. I had to run alone since my son had to be at his baseball game at Schlitt Park, 8:30 AM. After dropping him off I ran to Wash Park then to my bro Chuck's house then back for his game. It was such a beautiful morning!! How refreshing to have water and gatorade aside for refueling!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, don't you think I should start a blog "Pamela the dietician" I'll give advice about what to eat the night before a long run, hehehe. Everyone will gain 10 pounds and have to stop in the bushes three times during their long runs. No restrictions on my plan except for corn, salad and olestra, lol. Oh, I really hope nobody is taking this advice. I'm going to have my degree and license taken away from me.

Emily, we can all train together for the marathon. The Chicago and St. Charles people, should be lots of fun.

I forgot to tell ya Tim. I wasn't hinting for you to make a plan for Sat., I was just asking everyone if they were going to be there. Sorry if I made you think I was being pushy. The plan sounded great, maybe next week I can join the group. That is if someone isn't having a party, just kidding.

I ran 8 miles today and it was a beautiful morning but I did miss the group.

Hope everyone is having a great mother's day! Just got home from brunch and I'm stuffed. One of these days I will learn to cut back, lol.

debi m said...

Pam-- I love your diet advice. I too, am a self proclaimed dietician. We need to make sure that we all have enuf liquid in our diets, especially the Miller and or Bud varieties. I hope to be out with all of you training for Chgo. this year. I too, had to run alone this morning. But, it was actually kind of peaceful. That was one of my mother's day gifts. We also, spent the day at the soccer field.--Go Springfield Predators-- Here's to all of you mothers out there. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Mrs Wendy B said...

It was a gorgeous morning Saturday. Once again, I got to chase my husband around Springfield. Just like when we were dating ... he eventually lets me catch him.

Kind of curious about how you all feel about starting at 6:30a from now on since it's much lighter and warmer earlier on.

I would like to do the St. Charles 1/2 marathon, so I may hook up with those of you training for a "real" race and work up to at least 15 with you.

Last summer we did some runs on the North end starting early and then hooking up with those who were running the Abe's Amble course starting at 7:30a. We'd add some on before and after the course if needed.

Any comments on that?

debi m said...

I agree with starting at 6:30am in the summer and early fall. Since, it gets lighter earlier, and therefore, hotter sooner. I think we will like that extra hour, especially, once we start those longer runs.

Count me in for 6:30. PS--I just love it when someone else maps the route out for me, so you go Mrs. Wendy B.

Anonymous said...

Fine with me... can't drink on Fridays anyways b/c of long runs on Saturday AM's. :)

It is also an advantage to start early when kids have early games too! :)


Anonymous said...

What time do you guys wake up in the morning? I have to drink my coffee and eat my bagel. Are you thinking of waking up around 5:00? I know it depends on the person but I guess I need to set two alarms. I do like the 6:30 for the summer because it's so darn hot. I just need some time to adjust from 7:30 to 6:30. I'll run at 6:30 if everyone else does, it can't be that bad, right? I need the group to get me through. The bigger the group the better. Can everyone wake up at 5:00? Yikes!

Wendy, a couple of us are thinking of adding on to the Abe's course on Tuesday nights. We are going to start with 6.2 for a couple of Tuesdays and then add on from there up to 10 miles after a couple months. My daughter is doing Abe's and I will be out there because I have to drop her and her friend off so I figured I would run the course and then some. I know I can be a leader but I really need that night to run hills and I'm going to pass out water on practice night and the abe's race itself. I feel a little guilty not being a leader but I'm going to be a leader next year.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Deb, I didn't know you were a dietician. Where did you go to school? I went to SIU and did my intern at Holy Family Hospital in Desplains.

P.S.S. Deb and Wendy, do you guys have a plan for training this year? The one I want to follow starts at 10 miles on June 9th. It's sort of the Hal Higdon Intermediate II plan but I took out two days and I'm going to run 4 days instead of 6. It was just two days of easy running (3/4 miles) I'm cross training those days.


barry said...

Pam--You SHOULD feel guilty for not being an Abe's leader. LOL!

And btw, I was up at 4:30 this morning to get 6 miles in before going to work; I was trying to make up for no runs at all this weekend. :)

Wendy--I will be there for additional miles before or after running the Abe's course on Saturday. I just hope others who run my pace show up; last year you guys left me all alone on the north end trying to find my way back to the fairgrounds! I was soooo scared . . . . LOL!

Anonymous said...

OH Pam!
5 AM really is not that bad. :) Sometimes my day starts at 4:30 depending on work schedule. Believe me I am the worst procrastinater when it comes to early AM runs. Ask my bro Chuck~~~ he's heard them ALL!! But when it is all done and over with, you feel oh so good!!!

BUT!!! Speaking of hot weather, in order to beat the heat, there is a group of us that will run early on Tuesday and Thursdays. Unless if destinations change, right now we are meeting at fitclub west. Tuesdays at 5:30 AM and Thursdays at 5:15 AM.

Remember showers are available at Fitclub, if time is a factor for work.

Anyone is welcome!!! We run 5-7 miles, depends on course. NO PRESSURE ON PACE!!! :):):):)

-EM :)

Holly said...

I saw you guys from a distance running this morning (running down old jack and than at fitclub). I wondered who it was...I will join you on Tuesday mornings. I run any time after 5AM and usually do 10. I have a lot of fun different routes.

debi m said...

Pam; I am doing a similar sched. for Chgo. training. I am only running 4 days per week also. I am going with the approach of "quality not quantity". If I try to run too many days in a row, it just wears me out, and that is when injury starts.

Em; I wish I could drag my body up to meet for those early Tues. Thurs. runs. But, Yikes.

PS-- Pam; Just kidding about the dietician comment. I am soo not one. I need to eat better. I guess I justify my love of food, by the fact that most of it gets burned off on the road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,

That was me that honked at the corner of Laurel and Chatham. I'm so envious. You were probably coming from a run from the park. I was on my way to get a trigger point massage (not the feel good fuzzy kind.) It is for my....well lets just say it is a 'pain in my ass.' It the same ole' injury (paraformis) that has been haunting me from chicago. Huge knot that we are trying to rid of before chicago training.Keep telling me this running thing is good for us. I keep forgetting.

I too am only doing 3/4 days a week. Sounds like that is the way to go. Good luck with your training and if I can start soon and pick it up, I'll run with ya.

Kim N.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!
After I saw you running on Rickard Rd, I was going to email you so you could join us next time! We also saw Laura Sayers. I will have to email her too! Thursday we will meet at Fitclub west at 5:15 AM. Are you in? Bring on the running routes... I get so easily bored with the same 'ol routes! :) Not sure what the mileage is yet... (Chuck do you know?) We only did 4 today, but did hills. You rock for doing 10. Uhhhhh... that is my long run this weekend. I think I am feeling a little whimpy right now... :) Cya on Thursday AM?

Oh Debra! Anymore with your superwoman legs and body, anytime of the morning/day would be efficient for you. You could be getting a pedicure and drinking a latte while you were running and still do well. :)


Holly said...

The above statement that i made regarding "running down old Jack" in no way meant "Jack Bellmer is old and that we could actually run him down"! Ha! Ha! The comment was brought to my attention by the one and only "Fast Jack".

I work at 5 AM on Thursdays so Thur are out but I can always do the Tuesday mornings.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jack! Nobody could ever run you down! You're the one that will forever keep going!!!! :):)

-Emily :)

debi m said...

Kim; I did see you the other day. Yes, I was just finishing a run. However, it was soooo hot, and humid that I had to walk a few times. Very depressing. Trying to get adjusted to the heat before Chgo. training starts. Sorry to hear that you are in pain. Hope things get better for you soon. Look forward to seeing you. The more the merrier.

Em; You always know how to build me up. Can't wait to run with you.

What is everyone's plan for this weekend?-- Running of course.

Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, I really thought you were a dietician, I was ready to compare internships with you, lol.

Kim, the injury you have is what I had when we were training for Chicago. My butt hurt when I ran fast or when I did hill repeats. Darn, I won't be able to train hill repeats for Chicago. You will get better soon. Just run easy for a while and it will work it's way through.

Barry, thanks for making me feel so bad about not being a leader this year. I promise I will be a leader next year (I wouldn't make a good leader anyway, I will be the first leader to get fired.) Hey, I made a darn good cheerleader for the half marathon so maybe I can do that for Abe's.

Now that everyone is making me wake up an hour earlier, what is the plan for this Sat.? I was on running a 10 miler or so. Is anyone meeting at Panera at 6:30 for a long run? Jennifer, are you out there? Tim M.?

debi m said...

Pamela; I could be up for a 10 miler also. I thot we were going to run the Abe's course with a little extra tacked on. Doesn't matter to me. I'm easy. No, let me rephrase. I am agreeable. Somebody come up with a plan. Where is Wendy B.?

Anonymous said...

10 is on my schedule for this weekend... altho you gals are fast... can you slow down a bit for the filipina girl? Please post what the final plan is. I'm in! :)


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Pam; I'm doing a few miles at 5:30am 'cause this is haircut Saturday at 8:00am. John Kuhlmann and I are doing 20 miles next weekend, anyone is welcome to join us for all or some of that. Tim M.

Anonymous said...

Oh, are you crazy! It's bad enough that I have to run at 6:30 a.m. and you think I can run at 5:30? Hey everyone, I'm starting a running group at 3:00 a.m., can anyone make it? I figure that way we can run 20 and then be first in line for coffee and bagel, lol.

I'm planning on running next week so maybe I can meet you guys when you are at 8. What route are you guys taking? You are going to have to change this haircut thing so you can be our bunny when we start training for Chicago. Hey, I compromised so I can run with everyone at 6:30, now you have to do your part, remember it's all about the friendships and the people we meet along the way, hahaha......

P.S. Is John the gymnast? The one who knows how to tumble?