Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kiss the bricks? What's that?

For all of you running the Indy Mini on Saturday, you are lucky enough to run a lap around the most famous track in all of motor sports. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400, two of the biggest races in open wheel and stock car racing.

One of the traditions started by the winners of the Brickyard 400 (NASCAR race) is to kiss the yard of bricks at the start/finish line following the race. The original race track was paved with over 3 million bricks (aha...Brickyard) but now all that is left is a yard-wide memorial of that part of the track's history.

As a participant in the Indy Mini, you will run over the yard of bricks at about mile 7.5 on the course, and after you have been on the track for about 1.5 miles.

So, you have a great opportunity to do something very rare...make like a NASCAR winner and kiss the bricks when you come to them. Take the chance while you can because you never know...you might not be able to do it ever again!

(By the way, that's my man Jimmie Johnson and the whole Team 48 crew kissing the bricks after last year's Brickyard 400. Yeah...we were there!!)


Anonymous said...

Have a great time guys! Weather should be nice so give it all you've got. Don't go out too fast and if you're feeling good at 10, then kick it up a notch :).


Mary L. Rogers said...

There are 109 people participating in the Indy Mini-Marathon from the Springfield, Lincoln, Chatham, Pleasant Plains, Rochester, Riverton, Petersburg, Sherman, Williamsville, etc.

Good luck everyone - keep it strong and remember - it's just another Saturday morning run with a few (okay, 45,000) of your closest friends!


Chuck B. said...

Good luck all!

Whowha to my Abe's Army group! Have fun and enjoy the atmosphere. You all rock!

Keep It Strong!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Halfwits!!! Show Indy what Halfwits are all about! :):)

-Em :)

Gainell said...

Well written article.