Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Uh...I have a request

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. If you wonder how we figure out our routes and distance, we use a mapping tool provided by USATF. Look on the right side of the page and you will see a link.
USATF Running Routes

Here you can find various routes throughout the U.S. or create your very own and share it with the running community.

My point of this posting, don't be afraid to ask questions or post comments. Today, I e-mailed the USATF webmaster and pointed how annoying it was to create a route, go back to the main page and do a look-up to find the link. The link would be useful to copy and paste it in an e-mail or blog. Well, within hours he e-mailed me back and thought it was a great suggestion. He modified the submission page to display a link from a route you just created. Pretty cool! A peon like me from Springfield, Illinois was able to make a contribution to the running community.

So, if you see anything you like to add in the HalfWits Blog, SRRC, L.M. Half Marathon website or any sites, contact the webmaster and just ask. You will always get a response.


Tim said...


That's so cool! Yes, that has been very annoying. Thanks!!!

Aaron said...

What is even more annoying is that the maps for the area, especially Chatham, are probably close to ten years out of date. My end of the sub-division I live in isn't even on the map of Chatham on the USATF website. Poor me has to measure my routes on my bicycle. :(

Anonymous said...

Can we email them again and ask why they removed the Washington Park streets? Yes, I can estimate the distance but I use the area to cut through to get to other routes.

Mary L. Rogers said...

Tim - thanks for doing this. I mapped a run for tomorrow morning and then was able to go right back to it and print it without having to search for it. Very cool.

Mary L. Rogers said...

I mean "Thanks Chuck" - sorry Tim, sorry Chuck!

Anonymous said...

When I asked about that same question about the Washington Park roads back in March, I was told by Keith Lively that the problem is due to licensing arrangements that Google has with their providers. He suggested switching to Satellite view and using that to find the roads to map, and that worked fine for me.

- Alan Avery

Chuck B. said...

Alan and Aaron,
I prefer the satellite view myself if I can use it. Majority of Springfield can be seen with the exception of the North of North Grand and West of Archer Elevator Roads.

I map my routes using this view...kind fun. In some cases you can actually see your house if you zoom down close. Aaron, if you use this view you can see Chatham in detail.

But its weird that they were able to add the new roads from Tara Hill subdivision, but completely omitted the roads from Washington Park.

I guess you cant win them all.

Aaron said...

I haven't tried the satellite view. I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the tip.

Aaron said...

The satellite view worked. Pretty cool. Thanks!