Sunday, August 05, 2007

HalfWits---Fall 2007!

We had a great crew show up Saturday morning for our Fall for the Half Wits program. Our first run--10 miles--was a little muggy, but the temp was not too bad.

Several of us grabbed coffee and breakfast at Cafe Moxo after the run. The cafe is on Adams by the Farmer's Market and they have some outdoor tables which made for a fun morning.

Through Sept. 8, we'll be meeting every Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m., south side of the Old State Capitol plaza, for our long runs. Our only exception will be Saturday, August 18. We won't run that day, but instead we'll run Abe's Amble on Sunday, August 19. And Sunday, September 16 is race day in St. Charles, MO.

Next Saturday we'll be running 11 miles. Feel free to join us for any of our runs, even if you are not training for the Lewis & Clark Half Marathon. If you are running the Lewis & Clark, get registered for the race! We also have the OK from the Lewis & Clark directors to set up "camp" near the post-race area after the race for some of our usual Half Wits fun!

Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday and we'll see ya next Saturday!


Jennifer said...

Great run Saturday. Pam, it was good to run with you again. Thank goodness we had a breeze during the second half. Tim, Thanks for always putting out Gatorade. Stay cool this week - it is going to be a hot one.


Kari F. said...

Didn't think I'd ever saying running 10 miles was 'fun', but it was! Nice group to run with and breakfast afterwards was fun too. I'm just glad I had some more money on me after that homeless guy hit me up! HOPEFULLY I wasn't just supporting his habit!!!

Pam, you'll have to let me know next time you do a spin class! I'm always up for trying something new!

Thanks Tim for setting out the Gatorade..


Chuck B. said...

That was a good day for a run.

Thanks for the Gatorade stops too.

Now next weekend...oh boy, a whole bunch of us are doing long runs of 18-20 miles, so we will need you fellow HalfWits to get us through.

BTW, my sister pointed out on the inaugural pic that Jim has a new buddy to his left. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

(Thanks Chuck!)

Jim, you better protect him! I had heard that when leaving Floyd's the other night from the SRRC social, it was witnessed some girls were "liking him!" Thankfully it wasn't any of us! LOL!

-Em :)