Sunday, August 19, 2007

Abe's Amble results

Congrats to all the Abe's Amble runners and volunteers today! Boy...that humidity sucks, but at least we did not get poured on as I thought we were going to about half way through the race.

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Chuck B. said...

Wow, awesome to have the race results so fast.

Great job to all! Another Abes classic in the books.

Sanya said...

Great job yesterday everyone...

Emily K said...

The race was a lot of fun... grooling but fun. Does that make sense?

I was excited to have finished a tad bit better than previously. The best part was to see all the smiles on everyone faces on how well they did. I love how everyone cheered each one on, (Pam Enno gets the spirit stick award) and the fact of just being there for one another. The special hugs from your running buddies are priceless.

Scott Clark stayed with me from the start. At the end, it was (surprise!) Carl whom came back in the race to find me. Donna Brayfield and Scott helped to push me through too. I am sure Donna and Scott had their own personal goals when finishing, but it was them that helped me so much to cross that line. The encouragement Carl, Scott and Donna gave me was simply amazing!!! And then when it is all done and over with, you know they are your friend when they go out of their way to find you just to ask, "How are you doing?" Friendship like that is something you can NEVER let go. You learn from one another and share that moment to your other friends. It's quite contagious! I love how so many of us are so unselfish. With that, regardless how you felt while running, the support you have from your running friends is what makes you have a GREAT race!

Can you not love this group any ~ more??? (Sniff!) :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get the spirit stick award and nobody is going to take it away from me until Chicago! lol (Hopefully, I will be able to go, still thinking positive until tomorrow's appointment) I loved cheering for everyone. I think I got a lot of names wrong but I tried. I kept cheering for groups of people and felt guilty if I missed anyone. I stood at the 5 mile marker because I felt that's where people would need me most. I was amazed at how good people looked and so many people could carry on a conversation with me during the run. When I race, I can only grunt and smiles are few and far between. People were out there smiling and thanking me for cheering them on and I think some would have stopped and talked a little more if it weren't for me telling them to get their butts moving, lol. I kept saying "Kick it in, only one more mile" I think some people wanted to kick me instead, hehehe. All in all, everyone seem to appreciate the cheers, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Pam, thanks for giving me the high 5 as I passed you. Touching our hands together helped give me some your discipline and spirit . It sure helped me hang in there and give it my best effort for the last mile. Sometimes I feel like I am running for all the Half Wits and I don't want to let down the group as a whole by doing less than my best.
Jim A

Anonymous said...


Good luck with your apt. tomorrow. I know it has been rough on you not to be able to run but in the long run it will be better for you. Call me as soon as you find out anything. I hope you are better by Sat. and can do some mileage with us.

Kim N.

Anonymous said...

Jim A, I'm glad I was able to help you and you would never let the Half Wits down. You always seem to give it your all. I thought you looked darn good out there. It was fun doing the high five!

Kim, I'll let you know what happens. I hope to be running soon.


Jennifer said...

Great job to all! Kudos to all that help put on this huge race. What a great success.

Keep us posted on the injury. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Looking forward to a nice run this weekend. See you all soon.

scott said...

Emily ROCKS!!!

This is what being a Halfwit is all about. Sunday was my best ABSe Run ever. THANKS Emily.