Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sat. IDOT Trail

It looks like there is a plan B for the IDOT trail this saturday. With all the interest to watch the girls run this sat. at Washington Park, or is it to see Ali and his coconuts, we will be running from the Botanical Gardens at 6:30. See Tim's post below for the map along with comments. You can have your choice to join Pam at 6:00 for 14 miles or the group at 6:30 for 8.5 or any miles in between.

See you Sat.



Anonymous said...

Sounds good Russ, I'll be there at 6:00 a.m. I have to keep repeating myself so I can remember to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do Russ, you are awesome!

-Em :)

Mary L. Rogers said...

good luck ya'll - I'm pretty sure there's a Bloody Mary Saturday morning in my future - so I'm thinking I'll pass.

Hey Russ - thanks for the company on the 10 miles on the trail today - you pushed me - so much for 90 seconds slower than your regular pace for your long runs! Sure beats the run we had last spring!

Good luck everyone who is doing WDF - and if there are any coconut pictures, I'd sure like to see them (well, I guess it depends on who is wearing them - Barry are you?????)


Chuck B. said...

Barry are you helping out for WDF? I can use another Marshall. Any guys want to help out too? More the merrier.

Chuck B. said...

Back to Back double post here...

I ended up doing my 10 this morning. I thought I might be stretching myself timewise if I did it on Sat.

Enjoy the run. See you after the WDF or at Golf outing.

Keep It Strong!

barry said...


I wasn't planning to be there--Shop 'n' Save is all out of coconuts and it's a rare Saturday off for my spouse.

Are you still in need of helpers?

Chuck B. said...

You know it wouldnt be the same without you there. Sure I can use you. Just for 1 hour. 7:30-8:30 am.

I am sure Ali can set you up with coconuts and a grass skirt.

barry said...

Okay, Chuck, I'll see you at 7:30.

But you know I never cross-dress on Saturdays . . . .

Chuck B. said...

Just on Sundays right? - LOL

Thanks for helping.