Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Runs for Saturday 7/14

There is a group running Saturday, 6:30 a.m. from the Washington Park Botanical Gardens parking lot (upper lot off of Fayette). This group is running 8 or 10 miles. Feel free to join them.

Route Update: Here's a link to a map for this Saturday's run: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=143689

This is a 8.6 mile route. If you would run a full loop around Lincoln Park it would make it about 9 miles.

This should get folks back in time to check out the WDF if they want.

See ya then!


jogger said...

The women's race saturday starts at 8:00am and the men will be busy before that setting up the racing chutes, handing out packets etc, preparing for the race.Could you consider doing this run at 9:00am after the race so both men and women could join. Not too many women want to run 9 miles before the go all out on a fast 2 mile race! Only Superwoman would want to do that.

Anonymous said...

Some women are not running the race and rather run at 6:30 than wait until 9:00 to run. Why don't you form your own group to run after the race?

Wendy B said...

This is just about three of us who formed this run for those who because we are not running the race and want to get done and out of the way before the race is underway and the heat of the day comes on. We posted it to provide the option for others who may not be running the race.

Feel free to form your own group and post the information for when and where you want to run from.

Happy Trails.

Anonymous said...

Kim N. said:

Thanks Wendy for organizing an optional Washington Park route. I think we are going to ditch the Idot trial and join you guys. Let us know the route. 6:30am sounds good also. We need to get 10 in so earlier the better!


Anonymous said...

That would be trail not trial -ooops.


Wendy B said...

In general, we'll go from Wash Park to the YMCA. They open @ 7am so we may be able to get water there. Down 4th Street to Lincoln Park. Water at Nelson Center. Back down 5th Street to the Y. Then back to Washington Park. This is 8-ish. You can add on by running some more in the neighborhoods around Washington Park. From So. Grand down Park to Iles and back up Wiggins is about 2 miles.

Anonymous said...

I'll join you guys at 6:30 also. I have to be in the shower by 9:15 to go to an engagement party. I'm planning on running 14 so I'll add 6 to the route. Thanks Wendy!


Anonymous said...

Or maybe I'll start running at 6:00 so I can add 3 at the beginning and 3 at the end. Such decisions, lol.


Chuck B. said...

What should I eat for my Friday carb loading session?

Anonymous said...

Kim said..

Pam, I know I said I would start at 6am but my bod is just not waking up too early these days. I will add 2 with your 4 if you end up starting at 6:30. Which ever is easiest for ya.

Chuck, how was Mexican the other night?? I am going to run by there tonight and pick up. I'll let ya know. It was great to have you join us. The American Legion is a great place to meet after Tues. run. They have $1.25 bottled beer and the pizza is cheap and good. Any time you want to join us, your welcomed and also others!

Chuck B. said...

I had fun hanging out till it rained.

Russ, I owe ya a drink.

Mexican was good. I had a Chimichanga...Pretty good size. Unfortunately they dont serve adult drinks there. How was your meal?

Anonymous said...

Chuck, I have no idea what to eat Friday night. No pizza for me, I think I might have ravioli. That should be good if I don't eat the whole bag!

To bad the Mexican place doesn't serve adult drinks, we could have had a new meeting place.

I'm running at 6:00 a.m. on Sat. and I will meet the rest of the group at 6:30 a.m. to follow the route. Sounds like a plan and it's suppose to be a nice morning :).

See you guys Sat. morning bright and early!


Anonymous said...

Kim N saind...

Chuck, I was pleased with what I ordered. I did talk with the staff and they said they were working on beer and wine, but hard liq. insur. might be too much to carry. Maybe we could carry in like Magic Kitchen! Your right Pam, new meeting spot! Always open for new spots.