Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saturday plans?

So, are most of you running the Scholastic Challenge this weekend? What about the marathon crew? What's the plan?


Chuck B. said...

I am going to attempt this race. This will be my first race of any kind since Jingle Bell back in Nov or Dec. See its been so long ago my memory is fading.

The young whipper snappers are going to kick my arse.

Jeremy said...

I was supposed to help Tom Cooper score the race so I guess I'll be at the challenge and won't be doing my long run Sat again.

barry said...

I'm not a member of any marathon crew, but I plan to be at the race. Like last year, I'll probably run the course a second time just to keep overall mileage at a semi-respectable level.

Jeremy, helping Tom Cooper is ALWAYS a challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this is the MC (Marathon Commissioner). We were all talking last week after our long run and decided since most of the marathon crew would like to run the race, that we are going to add 9 miles to it. If after the race we drink some water and then go, it should count as our 12 mile run. Our route director is going to post the route soon. Everyone is welcome to join us for part or all :). Bring your fuelbelts because we won't have water on the route.

Tim, do you know where we can pick up a water jug for our longer runs? We are going to need one this summer.


Tim said...

I have a water jug you can use:-) I can drop it off at Russ's house or somewhere else if you would like.

Pam: did you ever get an e-mail inviting you to be a "contributor" to the blog so you can actually put up posts? I sent one about 10 days ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be nice if you could drop it off at Russ's house. He can have double duty, water boy and route director, lol. Unless, someone else wants to be the water boy or girl. Anyone want to put out water for our long runs? Any takers? Come on, no "I" in team, lol.

No, I didn't receive a "contributor" e-mail. I was beginning to feel a little left out. Russ wanted to be a contributor also because he wanted to post the routes.


Tim said...


What's your e-mail, just so I have it correct. Or ship me an e-mail if you don't want to post it on the blog.

KARI said...

Great to hear you are racing again Chuck! Good luck!!
I'm just a little jealous 'cuz I won't be able to run it this year!
I've ran it almost every year since the early 90's but we will be on vaca this time.. It's my favorite race so I'll be thinking about ya all !

Kari F.

KARI said...

hey cool!! I'm official!! haha
Guess when I signed up to post in my Abe's group blog, my sign-in name works here too!

Chuck B. said...

Have fun on your vacation!

Pam and Tim,
If you leave the water jug with Russ, he wont put any water in it. He is going to fill it full of alcohol.

Wait a minute maybe thats not a bad thing.

Tim said...

What? Half Wits fill a water jug with alcohol? Hmmm...that seems vaguely familiar. I think we may even have some photos!

Anonymous said...

For the Sat. morning Panera group and anyone else who would like to join us after your Scholastic Challenge 5k, Pam and I are going to run an additional 9 miles. Our plan is to run the 5k course and then take a short break and run 9 more. Here is the link to the course:

We will be running on West Lake Shore and it does not have much of a shoulder so we need to be careful and alert. This would not be a good course to run with music. Sorry Chuck but it's not a course to drink alcohol but wait until we do our out and back trail!!!


Mary L. Rogers said...

dang - I miss the group, er, vodka/lemonade...okay - really the group!

Anyway - I have an SRRC jug and I'll bring it next Tuesday if anyone wants it.

see you all in a couple weeks - gonna have to do my long run at home as I gotta pick up my army brat from the airport on Saturday morning!

Sanya said...

I've got photos...

Hey Chuck, I'm in the same boat. This may be my first race since Frostbite. My arse will be seriously hauled over!

Chuck B. said...

Sanya and Tim,
We need to see some of those photos again.

BTW, Sanya, will you let me beat you in the race?

Anonymous said...

A 5k race and then 9 more miles, yus marathon folks are really hard core. Does that mean you are skipping the pizza after the race? If thats the case I won't feel bad if I have more than one piece.
Tim Mu

Anonymous said...

OMG Tim MU!!! WHO are you talkn HARD CORE?!?!?!?!? Hmmmmmmm...

Tim Mu's running spring/summer/fall plans:

Run LM 1/2 (CHECK!)
Run Indy 1/2 (CHECK!)
Run Grandmas Marathon (CHECK!)
Run Danville's 8 hr Howl at the Moon with a goal of 35+ miles!(soon to be, CHECK!)
Run St. Charles Lewis & Clark 1/2 in September~~~ because Emily said so!!! :)(soon to be, CHECK!)
Run Chicago Marathon (soon to be, CHECK!)

Oh! How can I forget?!?!? You and Steve Jones ran at least 3 long 20-22 mile runs with me when I was training for the St. Louis marathon. And how about all of the other 5K and 10K's in between these races that I am sure you'll do too!!! I know I missed more races~~~ Can't remember them ALL!!! :)

Hmmmmmm... Who's The Studly HARD CORE man at Age 60 that runs like a 16 yr old?!?!?! You soooooo blow us away Tim Mu!!! :):):)

-Em :):):)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add... Quite amazing that ANYTHING is possible eh Tim Mu? I LUV YA!!!! ;)