Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Run a world class race...in your own backyard!

Runner's World has named Peoria's Steamboat Classic the "Race of the Month" for June 2007 (image above)! Imagine that, out of all the races in the world, one of our SRRC Series races is the race of the month for the biggest running publication in the world.
I know you have all heard me say good things about this race in the past, but if you are having any doubt whatsoever, I would HIGHLY encourage you to run this race. With all apologies to any other area races (and even ones I have directed!), but this is absolutely the premier race in our area.
There is both a 4 mile (which the international stars run) and a very tough 15K (finisher's medals). They usually have around 3000 runners for this race. And they have free beer afterwards! Maybe we can have a little Half Wits get together after the race...just like Indy last year! Whatcha think?
Please support our fellow running clubs and run Steamboat. You can register at www.SteamboatClassic.org
See ya there!

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