Thursday, May 17, 2007

Run for Saturday 5/19

So...this is our last "official" Half Wits long run of the spring. Those of us who are tapering for Madison are scheduled to run seven miles on Saturday.

Just like last week we'll meet at Panera at 6:30 a.m. for our run. For those who want to run later in the morning we will leave out the water/gatorade.

We will run a seven mile route we have run before, but we'll run it backwards. We'll go through Westchester and Seven Pines then back down the Wabash Trail. We'll have the water/gatorade at the east end of the trail.

Here is a link to the map:

Keep watching the blog for info on runs this summer...we'll probably be running from the Fairgrounds on Saturday mornings. And we'll probably put together a little plan for the Lewis and Clark half marathon in St. Charles, MO on September 16.

It's been a great time again this spring. I appreciate all the help this year and I really appreciate everyone who makes this "little" group the absolute greatest running group around. The Half Wits rock!!!!


Anonymous said...

Some of us will be running 10. Pam suggested that we will continue to run at the halfway mark of the Madison 7 mile run, head towards Bunn Park then back, giving us 10. (Does that make sense?) We will be at Panera 6:30 AM as well. :)
Pam, I was wondering... in order to keep up with you and Deb, should I:

Drink A LOT of beer, eat a whole tombstone pizza, one bag of popcorn and 2 poptarts

Will THIS guarantee me to run FAST!!! and keep up with you?


-Em ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, and don't forget, lots of Olestra!!!! That will keep you moving, lol.

See ya at 6:30 a.m.


barry said...

Hey Pam,

Your route was actually 11 miles according to Jeremy's GIS system. We were kinda slow because neither of us had pizza and Tombstones last night.

But I'm starting a batch of dough for pizza tonight. Maybe tomorrow I can run 11 fast . . . .

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right Barry, it was 11 miles, didn't that go fast? I think if you take the trail there and back, it would be 10. We added the neighborhood so I think that added on. It was a nice break from the trail, something a little different.

Barry, don't forget the Corona's also. That adds a great touch! I also had a snicker, needed a little chocolate boost. Someday you will learn how to eat the night before a run :). I'm smiling now but I won't be when we get to our 18/20 milers.