Monday, April 02, 2007

St. Louis, Indy, Madison

OK...let's start talking about our next adventures...

Wendy and I, along with Wendy's brother Daniel and our friend Dawn are planning to run the Marathon Relay in St. Louis on April 15. I was hoping to run the half in St. Louis, but my knee starting bugging me after our 9 miler and I just have not put in the miles to be ready for a half right now (though I am on for Madison!).

If you are planning to run St. Louis, hopefully you were able to get your last long run in this weekend by running the LM or getting in a run on Saturday or Sunday that was over 10 miles. If you didn't, I would suggest trying to get in a run of that distance early this week (Tuesday or Wednesday). If you can't, don't worry about it, you have a great base to run the St. Louis Half.

If you are planning to run Indy, follow our plan from last year...

hopefully you ran the LM this weekend, which means you now have two 13 milers under your belt. We cut back to 7 this Saturday, then bump it up to get in a couple long runs in advance of Indy:

April 14--12 miles (or maybe the St. Louis Half on April 15)
April 21--13-14 miles
April 28--7 miles (taper)
May 5--Indy Mini!

If you are planning to run Madison, here's the plan...

I assume most of you who are running Madison also ran the LM on Saturday. We have 8 weeks until race day, only a week less than our Half Wits plan for the LM. We already have a great base due to the training so far, which gives us a great opportunity to get in excellent shape for Madison. What I would like to do is keep that base intact through April, then bump up for at least a couple 13-14 milers before Madison. Yes, I said 13+. I think putting in the extra distance is a great way to ensure you have a great day on race day.

Here's the plan:
April 7--7 miles
April 14--9 miles (or maybe the St. Louis Half on April 15)
April 21--10 miles
April 28--13 miles
May 5--7 miles (or the 12k Lake Run in awesome race and a great way to thank our Lake Run Club friends for coming down to Springfield for the Lincoln Memorial).
May 12--13-14 miles (hey...maybe we'll run the LM course?)
May 19--7 miles (taper)
May 27--Madison Half Marathon

I hope everyone running these spring half marathons continues to run with the Half Wits. It has been a lot of fun this spring...and it would be great to keep it going.

I will try in incorporate the Indy plan runs and the Madison plan runs into the same routes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

And please let me know if you are running any of these races. Half Wits love to party together after the race!!!


mary r said...

Tim - congrats to you and fellow race directors/volunteers on a job well done. It was an amazing day and we all heard so many good things. I cannot wait to see this grow and grow and grow.

There are a couple groups doing the relay as well as several doing the full or half.

See you in St. Louis!

Chuck B. said...

I am strongly considering the Madison Half Marathon. Since my lil boy Hem-"Roy"-ds who has been a big pain in my arse lately has been removed...(TMI?)
This might be a perfect comeback race for me to do. I need to get back into the swing of things again.
BTW, If anyone is doing St. Louis, you will at least have one fan there to cheer you on. I will be there to cheer my sis (Emily) who is running the full marathon.

Anonymous said...

My sister Molly and I have gone half crazy. We are doing St. Louis and Indy. Haven't signed up for Madison yet, but I believe we'll be making the trek to that one as well.

Patty Schaefer, 25

Anonymous said...

We'll see you in St. Louis. on race day! Good luck to you and your sister. Emily and I are running the marathon.

PS. I met you and your sister at Sammy's post half party.

Kim N.