Thursday, April 19, 2007

Routes for Saturday 4/21

OK, Indy runners, this is your LAST long run before tapering for the big day. Indy is soooo much fun! I have mapped a 13+ mile route for you this Saturday.

For our Madison runners, we bump it up to ten miles this week as we continue to prep for the race on Memorial Day weekend.

This week's routes keep the two groups together for the first 7 miles, then we split.

These routes take us east on the Wabash Trail, across Stanford, over to Bryn Mawr and to the Bunn Park clubhouse. Then we turn around and make our way back through some new territory (Iles, Highland avenues). The Indy folks will take a swing up to Washington Park, while the Madison crew comes straight back on Iles to W. White Oaks.

Water will be at 1) the east end of Wabash Trail, 2) Bunn Park clubhouse, 3) Washington Park (for the Indy crowd), 4) inside Schnucks on Iles.

PLEASE STUDY THESE ROUTES as they take in some new territory that we have not run before!

Here you go:

Map of the 10 mile route:

Map of the 13+ route:

Please post in comments if you have questions.


barry said...

I don't plan to run in any additional half marathons this year, but I'll be there for the 10-mile route Saturday morning.

And I'll be going really sloooooow.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there for the 10 miler also Barry :). I don't plan on running any 1/2 marathons either.

I've been kicked off the blog so I have to go anonymous.

Hey Tim Mullady, you got in to the Chicago Marathon, you lucky dog! Now, you have to be our bunny and no haircuts on our long day runs! Just kidding :). I guess that's better than eating whole pizzas the night before a long run, lol.

Pamela Enno

Emily K said...

Are you saying Tim Mu is like Carl and can eat whatever he wants and STILL do well the next running day? :):):) No wonder why they do 40 to 50 plus miles and do so well at the Danville's Howl at the Moon, 8 hour run!!!!!!!!!

(I know one thing for sure they were GREAT to train with. I'd nominate Tim Mu, Steve Jones and Carl for bunnies! Well... only if they wore cute pink bows around their neck! HA!!!)

Oh, BTW, St. Louis half/full marathon photos are up on:

turtle runner said...

I'll do the 1o miles with Barry, we will have a contest to see who can go the slowest - I bet I win!

Anonymous said...

Yes Emily, Tim Mu needs to stop eating whole Tombstone pizzas the night before a long run! lol. No, I can't lie, it was me that did that. Now, they Tim and Rich call me Tombstone! Yikes, I don't think I will ever live that one down. I was telling the story on the Sat. morning run about how I felt a little sluggish because I had pizza the night before and Tim said, "Well, how many pieces did you eat?" and I said, "The whole thing but it was thin crust!"


Anonymous said...


You have an amigo in the pizza dept! My fav is Papa Murphy's Veggie Delite. And yes, I ate 3/4 of the thing myself last nite which is about the size of a whole Tombstone! Washed it down with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc fresh from the Corkscrew. (Good to see you there, Bill and Christine!) And I didn't feel bad about it, either. The crust is soooo thin, I had to fold it to eat it, but obviously, it wasn't a problem for me!

Missed you guys Saturday. My daughter had a Tae Kwon Do competition in Collinsville that morning, so we ran today on the Lost Bridge Trail. We had to be creative about carving out an extra 4 miles to get our 14 in, but by gosh, we did it. (Thanks again Ralli for the Gatorade and water!!) What a beautiful day. Man, we really earned a nice one for a change. I did see where it is supposed to rain again on Wed, just in time for the speed workout. Oh well, at least running speed work makes for a shorter session in the rain! (Pls spare us on Wed Katie, we ran a long one today!)

BTW, thanks to everyone who came out Wednesday to Sammy's! It was nice to actually talk to fellow runners at length without gasping for breath. Great pics of Boston, Michelle! Thanks for sharing!

Jenni G. (what's wrong with the blog? Do I have to re-register or something?)

Emily K said...

You did an awesome and oh so thoughtful job for the little gathering at Sammy's for Ali!!! The banner and picture frame was such an awesome idea!!!

Yeah~~~ pain in my filipina ass... :) I had to get a whole new blog and could not use my own email address. Had to use a different one... well... my son's... but I got it to work!!! It still was a pain in my ass... :) Had to have Mary Rogers help me on it!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

PS: Pam for someone whom is a Nutritionist, you so crack me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Pam's a nutritionist??? Our Pam? Pam ENNO????

Anonymous said...

Yes, a dietitian to be exact. Hey, my Tombstone pizza has every food group in it, so there! : >~ lol.