Thursday, April 05, 2007

Route for Saturday 4/7

We are back to 7 miles on Saturday. It's either a recovery run (for those who ran the LM) or a taper run (for those running STL) or just a regular, ol' Saturday jaunt!

We will run the route down the Wabash Trail and then back through Seven Pines and Westchester. Water will be at the east end of the trail and at Lindbergh Park at Westchester & Lindbergh.

Click here for the map.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! That wind was NOT fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Naaaa..not too bad, just by the theater. St. Louis will be nice and calm, nice and calm.

Anonymous said...

And flat right? :)-Em

barry said...

LOL! When you run with the Half Wits, there's always something. If there are no killer hills, then there's a cold, stiff wind.

At least today it was NOT snowing!

Good luck to the Half Wits who are going to be runnint in STL next week. We're cheerin' for ya!

barry said...

Hey Marie! How are your hands?

Still picking rocks out of them?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I wanted to thank you guys for picking me up after I fell. My daughter picked the rocks out for me. Grace was never my strong point.

Happy Easter to everyone !!!

Jenni G said...

Hey Barry,

I tried to take your advise, but my heart is stronger than my head. We ended up going just under 9. I was really feeling good and sometimes, you just gotta GO!! We tried to catch up to you, but you were just in too much of a hurry to get out of the wind. All we could do was run in your wake.

Maybe next week....I'm gonna need your help (as always). Hey, you going Wed. to KT Mac's workout? We all had a blast last week, you guys should come out!

Emily K said...

OH Marie!!!! I didn't even know you fell!!! I hope you are okay! Just blame Barry. His running is so darn intimidating that he scares us all!!! :):):):):)

barry said...


Em--when you feel tired next week and think about stopping, just remember The Intimidator and keep going!

Jenni--I was at least a block behind you when you peeled off to run your extra mileage, so you finished in someone else's wake! Although I was in a big hurry to get outta the wind.

Marie--remember the cover stroy; it was a pothole. Nobody needs to know that I tripped you . . .

Jenni G said...

Don't be modest Barry, the only way I was able to pass you was when you stopped for water in the last mile! For the rest of the run, you were only a tiny yellow ray of hope twinkling on the horizon! You're tough to catch, man.

Anne B said...

If anyone missed registering for Indy and still wants to run, I am looking to transfer mine.