Monday, April 16, 2007

Braving it in Boston

I read something on the Boston Marathon website that the nor'easter brought 50 mph headwinds to Boston today and that areas around the start were flooded...a beautiful day to run 26.2 miles!

Incredibly, Ali finished in a time of 4:12:28 which is a 9:38 pace!

Congratulations have one whale of story to tell!

Visit for more on the race.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Ali! We were with you in spirit today, but you are the one who braved the rain and the wind to show that HalfWits can accomplish amazing feats!

Linda J.

barry said...

Considering some of the weather the Half Wits have endured the last two years, a 50 mph head wind is . . . still unbelievable.

Way to go, Ali! We're all proud of you and we STILL wish we could have been there!

Anonymous said...

Great Job! You are totally amazing and what an inspiration to us all.
It was difficult to focus at work with keeping tabs on your progress. We must have our priorties.

Mary F.

mary r said...

So very proud of you for showing Boston how a HalfWit really runs!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ali!!!!

Congrats also to Dave Floyd 3:30:06, and Richard Sgro 3:45:16!!

Anonymous said...

50 m.p.h. headwinds, pooh, that's nothing, they trained in a lot better.

Congratulations everyone that ran Boston and St. Louis!

Hey Carl, how much do you charge for marathon training?


A. Sarreshteh said...

Thanks to all who wrote...
Springfield running community is second to none, you guys rock!