Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Celebrate the Twelve Ks of Christmas this Saturday!

To help everyone get in the holiday spirit (or better yet, to take a break from all the holiday craziness!) join us this Saturday as we run the Twelve Ks of Christmas. Then we'll hang around Panera afterwards to celebrate the season with our running pals!

We'll meet at Panera West at 7:30 a.m. for a 12k run (7.4 miles) to help us burn some calories that we might have taken in at the office party or the late night cookie baking session!

The route will take us north on W. White Oaks, turning on Greenbriar to Laurel then through Tara Hill to Wiggins and then Washington Park (don't forget to stop at the shelter for a special treat!).

Coming back to Panera we'll run south on Park to Outer Park to Cherry then over to Chatham Road and across Iles back to W. White Oaks!

Click here for a link to the map route.

So put on your best red & green running outfit, load your ipod with Christmas tunes and help us celebrate the Twelve Ks of Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Good route. Just an FYI on Chatham road. The side walk can be difficult, do to low hanging branches. I ran a few days ago as the sunlight was fading on the same stretch...not real smart. I have a few scratches to show for my efforts.

-Kevin M

Da ChuckMiester said...

For a minute, at a quick glance, I thought it said...

Twelve Kegs of Christmas!

I was so in...then I realized it was about running.

Back to reality.

Anne B said...

da Chuckmeister - All is not lost. Tim said there was a special treat at the Washington Park shelter.

Da Chuck-Miester said...

Anne B,
Whoohoo, but 7.4 miles seems like a marathon now.

I think I am gonna collapse.

barry said...

What a GREAT crowd and a fun run! Glad we all got done before the temperatue started to fall.

Time, thanks a bunch for planning this one and setting out the hot chocolate treat. Too bad we didn't have the weather for it on the First Day of Winter!!!!


debi m said...

What a great run this morning. The weather was perfect. It was great to see such a good crowd. Tim thanks for getting everyone together. Hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday.

See you in the New Year!!

Kari F. said...

It was so nice to see such a great crowd this mornng! I even noticed a few new faces which is always a plus! The hot chocolate was perfect for the '12K's of Christmas' Thanks Tim!
Chuck.. I was really tempted to head back when you did, but glad Kathy H. and Kathy F. kept me going the whole way as usual! Thanks girls!

Anonymous said...

Barry, I think you must have connections with Santa. First we had a warm day for the Frostbite race and now a warm day today; in between the cold spells. We didn't have to run on the ice or snaow and the streets were clear! Anyway I enjoy running with my "SRRC family" and it really boosts my spirits when I am around my brothers and sisters. Have a happy holiday.

Emily K said...

Hi All!

Wow!! What a perfect day for your run!!! Wish I could have joined ya, but just recovering from the 3 day flu!!! UGH!!!! Anyways, had a lot of fun taking pictures of your gorgeous "HAWT" faces when you were coming in. Copy and paste the link below, then click on "Halfwits 12 K's of Christmas run 2007" and see them!!! There are also pictures from other races/events too if you have not seen them either.

OH! If you see any pictures you like, copy it! Could be a great picture for someone to put in a frame for Christmas!!! ;)



Da Chuck-Miester said...

Nice pics Em.

My favorite was this one:

Kinda reminds me of mama duck leading their little babies across the road.

Had fun seeing everyone today. I cut my run short to do another class but had fun chatting it up with my old abes group.

Thanks Tim for organizing the run. When I found out it wasnt 12 kegs of xmas, I was disheartened. But if I knew your special treat was hot chocolate beforehand, I would have brought a bottle of baileys to share.

Merry Chrismahunakawanzaa to all!

Emily K said...


Oh Stephen N.~~ you will have to see the pic Chuck likes! Heh! Heh!

I like that pic too, but for different reasons~ ;) I told Anne Baker that pic was one of my favs because of the firetruck in the background. But now even more because of "Mama"! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

BTW, I think we should recruit our new mascot:


Can you believe this sweetie can run with his Mommy and Daddy up to 15 miles??? What a super dog!!!!

debi m said...


Congratulations on your engagement!! I know you two will be very happy together.

Here's to a long and healthy life.

The Markers

Chuck B. said...

Deb and Tim,

Thanks for the wish. We appreciate it.

stephen said...

Hey Chuck, watch that Mama Duck stuff :)

Emily - wonderful photos. You've got my vote for the official Half Wits photographer. Hope you are feeling better. Did you get those swimming lessons yet?

Thanks for the hot chocolate, Tim/Wendy.

Happy Holidays!

Emily K said...

Awww! Thanks Stephen! ;)

I need to get signed up for those swimming lessons Nancy Alexander is giving at the YMCA for the beginner triathelete...

It's a sad sad world for me~ I need help quick! I took a bath today and almost drowned~ Ugh! But thanks for asking! :)

BTW~ Pam Enno how are you????? How are you recovering???? These blogs are just not the same with out you!! It's toooooooo quiet!!! :)