Monday, September 17, 2007

Lewis & Clark recap

I'll post more thoughts on the L & C later today, but let's hear what people thought about the race. The weather certainly turned out OK...clouds and all.

So, what did you think?


Anne B said...

The weather was perfect! Overall this was a very positive experience. The volunteers were the best. They seemed happy to be out there and were very encouraging.

The pros: I like the new route. It was cool to run along the highway and have cars, semis, etc. honking at the runners. The big loop through Earth City at miles 3-5 was fun because you could look across the median and try to find people you knew. I have exercise-induced asthma and last year, the dust on the trail really bothered me. Less time on the trail this year was a big plus.

The long-sleeved technical shirts are great, and the blue is a nice color that anyone can wear. The shirts really stand out.

The cons: The shuttle system needs some work. We were at the Embassy and our bus didn't get there until about 6:30 due to being stuck in traffic. A lot of people got tired of waiting and hopped into their cars, only to be stuck in traffic. good thing the race started a little late.

Then getting back to the hotel was a pain. A Fleet Feet guy gave us a ride in his minivan because the bus, for whatever reason, just wasn't showing up. Who knows how long we would have had to wait if he hadn't stepped up?

Post race food was ok. Last year runners were given a coupon for a hotdog (and a small drink, i think) from the Family Arena. That hot food really hit the spot. This year it was cookies, chips, bananas and rolls. I couldn't find any bagels...did they have any?

I love that we finished up in the park, since this is the "Lewis & Clark" race, and not at the big arena, but in some ways I think it worked against the race, mostly by complicating the parking issue. Historic St. Charles is a hodge podge of small parking lots and you can count on having to walk a lot; made it hard for spectators and family members to get down to the finish area.

Well, that's about all I have!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day to run, cool and cloudy. In fact I carried my sunglasses the whole time and never used them because the sun never came out.I saw several half wits there and ran with some of them and that kept me motivated. I can say that the training we have done over the last few months really paid off as I felt I was prepared for this race and even PR'd. Thanks to Tim and others who organize the training runs, see you on the roads
Jim A

Mary L. Rogers said...

Hey Jim - you certainly did well. It was a pleasure to run with you and to see you pull away and take that finish line so strong was so very cool.

Kudo's to our first time marathoners Connie Clark, Trisha Price, and Michelle Pulce - still gives me goosebumps thinking about that "first time" - you guys stuck with the training through this crazy summer and now you get to relax knowing you've done something not too many people do!

It was my first race where I actually felt strong and could "see the finish line from the start." I think that comes from being well trained by this crazy group calls HalfWits! Thanks to everyone for being there along the way. I couldn't have PR'd this race without all of you.

St. Charles is a neat race - the course decent, but the post race food and drinks left a lot to be desired. One of the neatest areas was a loop in which we could see runners at the five mile when we were at the three mile mark. (of course everyone is all smiles at that point!).

Keep up the good work everyone - stay strong on the road!

Barb M said...

My life as a runner began in 2006 with Abe's Army. St.Charles was my first 1/2 marathon and my first opportunity to be a part of a race that large. I was truly amazed at the number of participants and how well it was organized (except for the busses). All the volunteers were wonderful and I enjoyed the course and the support of fellow Road Runners and other runners. ON TO THE NEXT RACE!!

Barb M.

Mary L. Rogers said...

Barb I didn't know this was your FIRST half! Wow - congratulations girl! You rock!

Emily K said...

How easy it would have been to just go home...

So happy I did not!! Hearing and witnessing your accomplishments, being with your "positive" running pals, and having a great brother is all I needed and ever wanted!! Great job to everyone! I am so excited and so thrilled for all of you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Esmeralda went home - Emily was there....

Emily K said...

I KNOW that was you Mary! LOL! So my evil twin came out!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

only for like 6 minutes! THAT's why I luv ya! Fortunately I'm NEVER EVER cranky... :-)

"Life's not been the same since the house fell on my sister...." from the Wizard of Oz


12 miler on Saturday - you'll be there. I need you! And you know it's all about ME!