Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fall for the Half Wits Kicks Off This Saturday!

Our Fall for the Half Wits training program for the Lewis & Clark Half Marathon kicks off this next Saturday, August 4! Please join us for this fun plan as we prepare for our next half marathon with a "mini" version of the Half Wits.

Beginning this week, we'll meet on Saturday mornings, 6:30 a.m. ('s summer!) on the south side of the Old State Capitol Plaza (Adams Street between 5th and 6th streets) in downtown Springfield. There is plenty of street parking downtown at that hour...and you do not have to feed the meters because it is a Saturday.

After our runs will reconvene at Cafe Moxo (on Adams between 4th and 5th) for coffee and breakfast. Springfield's great farmer's market also takes place on Saturday mornings.

We won't be organizing group runs during the week (like we do for the full Half Wits), but we'll get together for long runs over six weekends...then it will be race weekend!

Our long runs will be: 10 miles (Aug. 4); 11 miles (Aug. 11); 6.2 miles (Abe's Amble, Sunday, Aug. 19), 12 miles (Aug. 25); 13.1 miles (LM course, Sep. 1); 7 miles (Sep. 8); Lewis & Clark Half marathon (Sunday, Sep. 16).

I'll try to incorporate places for water stops into our runs (parks, YMCA, Fit Club, etc...) and I'll try to have Gatorade at a couple of the stops.

If you would like to keep up on the latest Fall for the Half Wits information, please join our e-mail list by using the link on the right of the blog.

I'm not sure how many people to expect for this, but it promises to be fun! Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any questions

Please review this week's 10 mile route by clicking here!


Anonymous said...

Looks great, Tim. I'm loving those water bottles on the map, They are so cute :).


Chuck B. said...

To cap off your morning run is another SRRC Social that evening.

Floyd's Thirst Parlor, downtown Springfield. We'll be partying in the game room at Floyd's Thirst Parlor, downtown Springfield from 6-9 pm.

Its just another great reason to get together and see what we actually look like minus our sweat, salt and sticky gatorade on our outfits.

Wendy B said...

So Chuck, does that mean you're not wearing the fuel belt to Floyd's. Could be a perfect apparatus for administering shots.

Emily K said...

OOOOOOHHH! What a GREAT idea Wendy! I love your very witful mind! You are so intelligent and ALWAYS thinking!

I say fuel belts are mandatory Saturday night! Instead of the old days at Kanes doing aeriel shots, we can start a new trend doing fuel belt shots! LOL!!!

joy joy said...

Easy there you guys...I wish I could join ya (although I would not be bringing a fuel belt regardless-I'm a lightweight) I will be down in Carbondale celebrating Andrew's graduation!!! Finally!!! (there go the punctuation marks excited!!) For those of you who don't know he has been back to college the past two and a half years for the P.A. program. Thanks to all of you who kept me company my 1st year here in S'field. Have fun at Floyd's & w/ your long run.

Anonymous said...

Anyone scheduled to run 20 this weekend?
Em :)

debi m said...

Not scheduled for 20. But, I am going to do about 12 or 13. I am going to go early and run some on the north end, and then meet those running the Abe's course at 7. I" could keep you company on part of your run, just let me know.


Mary L. Rogers said...

Emily - I'm going to be running with a group leaving from Panera at 6:30 - we're doing 17 (just the trail, though....). Would love to have you run, too!

just think - three more weeks and it'll only be a 2.9 mile drive NOT 39!