Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Half Wits Wisdom

We have had a few comments asking about Gu, Body Glide, etc...

So let's hear from the Half Wit veterans about what you need to get through a long run. What's your thoughts on hydration, energy gels, dealing with chafing, or anything else you think someone might find helpful as they try to get through 13.1 miles.


mary r said...

I'm no expert, but ....

First - breakfast before you run provides you the initial energy to get you started, and to uh, get you going! Practice Saturday what you think might work and if it does - stick to it. I usually have a bagel with honey and peanut butter and coffee and water. Or I'll have oatmeal. I just make sure I have about and hour for it to digest properly. Water is crucial (a mistake I make a lot!)

Gu or other energy gels provide the necessary energy to help get you through long runs of over an hour. It is recommended that Gu be used every 45 minutes to an hour, but again, try it and see how it helps you. Be sure to take your gel with water! Check out the internet for more information starting with this article

Hydrating is also crucial both before exercising and during the run. In cooler weather this is easy to neglect.

The most important thing, however, is that race day should NOT be a day to try anything new. From the clothes you wear to the food you eat, it all should be something you've tried successfully before.

What about post race nutrition - any suggestions?

barry said...

Last year I got through the LM on two tubes of Gu, but I can't remember when I did them. With all the hills this time, I'm carrying three with me just in case.

I took water at every stop; if Gatorade was available, I took that.

BodyGlide is essential on the long runs. I use it on my nipples and places where I chafe. But I use Vaseline on my feet--for some reason, BodyGlide actually causes blisters on my feet.

Everyone has to find out what works for them, but like Mary said, you don't want to try something new on race day.

Anonymous said...

Does one brand of gel work better than another? Also, can I purchase these at Wal-mart or do I need to go to a health store? How much water should I drink with the gels and what would happen if I didn't drink enough? Sorry, I know it is a lot of questions. Thanks

Jeremy Peck said...

To Anonymous:

I don't think that any one works better than the other. It's mostly about what you can stomach. I've never looked for them at Wal-mart, but I would guess they wouldn't be there. You might get some at Dick's, but I don't know. I know the Running Center has Gu and one other kind (Clif or Carbboom, can't remember). As far as water, at races they give you those little cups and are only partially full. Estimate that amount to wash it down with. And what will happen to you if you don't? I don't really know. I suspect it's to wash the GU out of your mouth and to aid in the quick digestion, so I doubt anything drastic would happen.

Anonymous said...

Body glide my feet on any run over 60 minutes with good results. Band-aid covering my nips on runs over 90 minutes with success.

I've dun long runs with GU with and without fluids with equal success, it's just harder to get the syrup out of your mouth without fluid, not a big deal for me though.

Last Sunday at the Delavan half marathon [good to see Rob Flather there too!]I had success with my usual plan: 2 days pre-race forced hydration until urine has little color, fast digesting breakfast 90 minutes pre-race, gatorade up to race start, GU every 30-35 minutes during race, take water every opportunity. That was essential last weekend, as it was a "balmy" 60 degrees.

Yes-no experimenting race day, figure out what your system needs/won't tolerate.

Bonking is the worst, so nutrition/hydration is essential.

Wheels Fast in Chatham has several gels, running center, GN stores, order online. I've not seen any Wal-Mart carry gels.

Anne B said...

For anyone who wants to run the Indy half but didn't get their entry in on time, looks like there are some available.

mary r said...

MCSports carries gels, not sure about Dicks. Walgreens has SportBeans (one of my friends swears by them!). They are basically the same, some have caffeine and some don't.

Anonymous said...

I've used the sport jelly beans and they seem to work fine. I don't drink that much water with them and sometimes just eat a handful without water. They are very easy to store and to eat.

Anonymous said...

I always lose a my breathing rhythm when I'm trying to chew a mouthful of sport beans. I sometimes feel like they're settling in my stomach heavily also. That's just me though.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - Walgreens is actually getting ready to discontinue all Sports Beans. If you find them, buy them. They are half off right now at most of the stores. We were trying to find them earlier this week and some Walgreens have already shipped them back and are done carrying them. lori

Chuck B. said...

If you look in the archives there is a wealth of information regarding this topic too.

Scroll down on the right side and look for the ARCHIVES section and click on the FEBRUARY 2006 topic.

When you go to that month scroll down and look for the following topics

More Nutrition Info
Nutrition Advice
1/2 Marathon Advice

...and look at the comments there too. Hope this helps.

Great job to all that have made it this far. Run slow and easy this weekend. Your goal is just to finish and get an idea of the course. From what I heard its a great course to run. I wish I can be there but I will be in St. Louis running the 5 mile run for fun and also celebrate St. Pattys there.

Havnt you heard of a Filipino having a lot of Irish in them? Okay maybe its the drinking part - LOL

Jenni G said...

Hey Tim B., a couple of questions for tomorrow and race day:

Can you tell us where the water stops will be stationed along the course on race day? Having the final plan in mind during the dry run may help some develop "feeding schedules" and race day strategy. Will there be finish line refreshements, i.e., coffee, bagels, bananas, etc.??

Is anyone volunteering water stops for tomorrow, or should we carry our own?

Since there are some first timers out there, here are a few things to think about for race day:

1) Best parking. Close to start or finish? If you are alone, you may want to be close to your car to grab post-race gear bag. Scope these out tomorrow.

2) Warm dry clothes to change into. Hoodies and long will be chilly. (Adrenaline leaving the body also may give you the shakes for awhile, even if its warm).

3) Comfy shoes and fresh socks post-race are a must. If this is the longest race you have run, you will be surprised how sore your feet will be. Pamper yourself.

3) BIOFREEZE!!! Instant relief from swelling discomfort, but not the actual swelling, which brings me to....

4) Vitamin "I". I bought stock in Motrin during last year's marathon training. One before race, maybe one after.

3) Since the weather is so unpredictable...tear away layers??? Love the garbage bag look. :-}

4) If carrying GU and want to travel lite, what worked for me was saftey pinning the top tab to a racing belt (or elastic on pants). No need to fumble with pockets. Just tear the bottom half away, squeeze, gulp, chug water water water, gulp, chug water water water, GO.

5) I write favorite motivational sayings on duct tape and apply them to my shirt, pants, even the inner brim of my cap. Anywhere that I can easily review and repeat the mantra in my mind. I even wrote sayings like "come on, more mile" or "pain is temporary, success is forever" on my socks. Just knowing it was there helped me focus and relieve anxiety.

6) First timers...I know some of you have been training with a constant group of people and maybe expect to run the entire race with those folks. Nothing wrong with that, but don't DEPEND on staying with your favorite running buddies for the entire race. On race day, all bets are off and you have to be prepared to go it alone if that happens. There will be tons of additional out-of-towners and lots of out-of-the-gate excitement. Anything can happen. Just remember to be considerate, calm, and respect that others are also as excited as you. Take the high road and give others the benefit of the doubt. It's not worth getting your panties in a bunch over small stuff or if things don't go exactly as you planned. The joy is in the journey and one measure of character is how you handle upsets.

7) Even if food and drink are available post-race, you may want to bring a little $ just in case you don't want to stand in line or supplies run out.

8) Ladies, your hair will be a mess at the finish. If you intend on socializing (read: partying) post-race...bandanas, clips, fresh hats, whatever...suggestions from the audience on this???

9) Tomorrow, think about all the small comforts of home you may want for race day. Band-aids, extra safety pins, hard to find favorite foods, etc.

Hope this helps and good luck tomorrow everyone. It's going to be a great run!

Jenni G said...

Oops, forgot to ask about porta-potties?? Tim??

barry said...

There will be 3 or 4 water stops on the practice run Saturday. Tim said they're planning on water stations every 2 miles or so on race day.

There will be porta potties at the starting area on race day but NOT Saturday, although there may be some set up for the parade.

The start and finish are only a couple blocks apart, with plenty of parking between them. So you should be able to park within a block or two of the finish line.

The finish line is in front of St. John's ER, which may be very helpful for some of us. :)

mary r said...

Jenni - good to see you today!


Jenni G said...

Mary, we keep seeing each other briefly in passing which is good to know you are still around, girl! But when will we get to spend quality time (running) together again?? I miss ya!

Jeremy Peck said...

OK Master Mary.

Jeremy Peck said...

Could you put in a good word with the Jedi council for me?

mary r said...

Jeremy crack me up! You KNOW the quote - I love it! I'll talk to the coucil - until then, May the Force....oh, you know the rest!

Jenni - I'm hoping to join up with all of you soon - right now I have to do all my runs on my lunch hour during the week, but should be freed up in a couple of weeks to do Tuesday/Thursdays again! Are you going to continue after LM? We got lots of catching up to do!